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For speed through rooting and early growth, all you need is an Aeroponic Propagator. Your plants are fed with a fine nutrient and water spray – so your nutrient solution goes straight to the roots. 

Your plants will absorb far more nutrients resulting in a surge in growth. Root growth is unrestricted by growing media and roots get a constant supply of oxygen.

• Aeroponic propagator – feeds plants with a nutrient and water mist

• Practically maintenance-free!
• Everything you need is supplied - collars & net pots included
• Dramatically improves cutting success rates
• Ramps up root growth – roots in just 10 days!
• Enhances nutrient uptake and early growth
• Readies plants for a hydroponic system
• Safe to transplant plants to any growing system


Plants can be safely transplanted straight into any growing system. If you’re growing hydroponically, these aeroponic propagators will really prep your plants.

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