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Red Scorpion Filters are of exceptional quality.
Features and benefits:

  • Removes particles and odours from your grow-room
  • Made with 100% RC412 Australian virgin activated carbon – the best in the world
  • Aluminium housing for robustness and low weight
  • Open area custom mesh for greater air flow
  • Perfectly matches both Rhino and  RVK fans

How the Red Scorpion Carbon Filter Works:
The Red Scorpion carbon filter is an aluminium cylinder containing a fine granular form of carbon called “activated carbon” which is made by a special manufacturing process. Each grain of activated carbon has a highly porous surface giving it a huge surface area relative to its size. Activated carbon has the unusual ability to clean and de-odorize air that is passed through it. It does this by attracting and then trapping impurities and aromatic substances on its surface, thereby cleaning the air being passed through it.
The virgin Australian RC412 carbon is machine packed for a stable, high quality product that is perfect for hydroponics applications.
Red Scorpion carbon filters are designed specifically for cleaning and de-odorizing air (not liquids). Stale air is drawn through the filter by means of an attached extractor fan (not included) which needs to be matched to the filter being used in terms of air-flow and duct-size. The air is drawn in through the outside of the drum and first passes through a washable dust sleeve which filters out dust and other large particles so that they do not clog the main filter part. Next, the air flows through a short spiral labyrinth which is tightly packed with the world’s highest quality virgin activated carbon – Australian RC412. As the air flows through the activated carbon layer, odours and particles are absorbed into its pores leaving the air clean and odourless.  Inside the can, the air is spun by the vortex cone in the base. This helps create low pressure within the can and thereby increases and evens out the air flow. The cleaned air is then ducted out via your extractor fan.

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