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Growers Ark root tonic will encourage healthy root systems and improve overall plant health. Plants treated with root tonic will have greater resistance to stress from lack of water, heat/cold or transplantation. Root tonic can be usd on it's own or added to your regular fed, it can also be used as a foliar spray.

Why/how it works

Growers Ark root tonic contains three main ingredients, Potassium Humate, a seaweed extract and amino acids.
Potassium humate is produced from naturally occuring deposits of humic acid, it is a very large molecule formed from the breakdown of plant material over thousands of years. Humate is highly active in soil (or any other growing medium) being involved in the uptake of nutrients by plants, microbial activity and the cycling of nutrients.Studies have shown that plants grown in a medium rich in humic substances are more resistant to stress and have bigger root systems. A rich organic soil has high levels of humic substances, by using himate based products some of the benefits of this type of soil are brought to other growing media. The particular type of humate that we use in our products is high in fulvic acid which increases the efficiency of the processes mentioned above. For further information on the himate see the separate humate data sheet.
Seaweed extract contains a wide range of plant micronutrients and several plant hormones/enzymes (auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins and betaines), these work on plants in 2 ways. Firstly they give the plant a boost of micronutrients helping them to grow stronger, secondly the enzymes/hormones present mean that the plants do not have to make them, allowing more vigorous growth in healthy plants and a faster recovery from shock/stress in stressed plants.
Amino acids are the building block of proteins and as such are a valuable micronutrient to plants. Plants can readily absorb amino acids through the roots or the stoma (the pores on leaves), if the amino acids are mixed with other macro nutrients e.g. metal salts then they will bind to these and make them easier for the plant to absorb.

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